A Beatles mashup, by THE BEATELS


The What Album is an album recorded by The Beatels that mashes Beatles solo material with Beatles songs, that should put a smile on the face of Beatles-fans around the world!

Listen to the tracks here & see if you can spot the references to Beatles numbers. This is definitely one for the fans.

1. Cold Turkey

What happens when you mash Lennon's Cold Turkey with The Beatles' Come Together? Maybe something like this:

2. All Things Must Pass

Obviously, this involves a mashup of All Things Must Pass by George Harrison, but with a twist of Long & Winding Road, a bit of Dear Prudence, and more!

3. Teddy Boy

Lennon's original Teddy Boy meets Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Teddy Boy's a man indeed!

4. Back Off Boogaloo

What if Ringo mixed up his solo track Back Off Boogaloo with the White Album track Don't Pass Me By?

5. Not Guilty

In this number, George Harrison's late Beatles number Not Guilty gets an Old Brown Shoe makeover!

6. That Would Be Something

What if Paul's solo number That Would Be Something got the the Mother Nature's Son treatment?

7. What A Shame Mary Jane

Look out! Here comes Lennon's What A Shame Mary Jane with a case of identity theft after it collides with Polythene Pam from Abbey Rd

8. Oh Woman Oh Why

Oh why...our hands are tied on this one, as Paul's screecher of a solo number in Oh Woman Oh Why get the I've Got A Feeling Treatment for a rooftop extravaganza! And for good measure, John lets us know that I Don't Want To Be Soldier...

9. Gimme Some Truth

Meanwhile, John's eternally relevant Gimme Some Truth shows us what can happen if we all get out on the streets for a mashed-up Revolution!

10. Beautiful Girl

George tells you all about a Beautiful Girl even though we all know that he is asking her to Give Me Love.

11. Every Night

In this number, Paul combines his great solo track Every Night with Ringo's solo number Photograph and even though the middle sounds like The End, it is not.

12. Love

In this mashup, we can see what might have happened to Lennon's solo masterpiece Love if it had been set Free As A Bird!

13. Queen Mummy's Dead

What would a Beatles mashup album be without a hidden track? To honour the passing of the Queen Mother, THE BEATELS had to include this hidden gem, ironically from John, for the listening pleasure of Her Majesty.