THE BEATELS have a consistent line-up, & this is one of the secrets to the way they maintain their quality.

Bruce Coble in John Lennon

Bruce Coble

as John Lennon

Bruce is one lucky guy. Not only does he love playing the role of John Lennon with THE BEATELS, he just happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to the great man. The Sydney Morning Herald called his resemblance "spooky", but no matter what you call it, it's a handy thing. Combine that with the stances, the accent, the style - and you have one breathtaking impersonation of John Lennon. And he has been doing now for 25 years!

Bruce began his career as a John Lennon impersonator in 1990, when he joined another Beatles act called The Beatnix, which is where he first met the other founding members of THE BEATELS. He quickly gained a reputation as the most recognisable Lennon impersonator in Australia from his appearances with that group on Hey Hey It's Saturday, The Midday Show, & internationally, & even for his part in a now famous Beatle-version of "A Stairway To Heaven" . Since forming THE BEATELS in early 1996, his impersonations of John Lennon with THE BEATELS have been applauded around the world, & now in his 28th year of "being John", it doesn't look like stopping soon!

Richard Bevins is Paul McCartney

Richard Bevins

as Paul McCartney

Richard joined THE BEATELS in 2017, and brings with him a fresh energy for the role of Lead Macca in the group. He sings like McCartney, and he has mastered the complex bass parts of McCartney. Richard plays a Hofner bass guitar for the songs from the early years, and moves to a custom-painted Rickenbacker, as did McCartney. Richard also sings and performs the song Yesterday on acoustic guitar, just like McCartney did at his famous Royal Command Performance in 1964.

Although born in Sydney, Richard’s ancestors are from Liverpool, England, starting with his grand-parents and going back for generations, and so THE BEATELS is a natural fit for him. Richard is a gifted and versatile singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, classically trained on piano and self-taught on guitar, bass guitar and vocals. Richard musically impersonates McCartney’s different vocal tones while duplicating the intricate melodic bass guitar lines, and occasionally winking at the audience.

He spent the 1980s in Los Angeles and the 1990s in London songwriting while performing both original showcases and cover band gigs. Over that time he performed in many venues, including London bars, Paris pubs and Los Angeles clubs. He is currently producing his original recordings and licensing them for television.

Marcus Phelan is George Harrison

Marcus Phelan

as George Harrison

Marcus is a guitarist's guitarist. He spent the 1980's and much of the 1990's playing in some of the top original bands in Australia - Brave New Works, Spy v Spy, The Numbers, Jeremy Oxley's Chinless Elite and The Allniters to name a few. He also spent a few years in the early 1990's playing the part of George Harrison in The Beatnix with Bruce and the other founding members of THE BEATELS, before heading off to play original music again.

Marcus re-joined Bruce and the others in THE BEATELS in 1999, and has been the resident "George Harrison" ever since. His strong voice and stylish guitar technique have made him one of the best Harrison impersonators in the world. He is a skilled slide guitar player, & like George, loves playing the ukelele! Marcus has gained a reputation amongst Beatle aficionados for his ability to pull off the highly challenging vocal & guitar parts that made George Harrison such an integral part of The Beatles. In his 16th year as George with THE BEATELS, Marcus is one of the best you will ever see!

Neil Rankin is Ringo Starr

Neil Rankin

as Ringo Starr

Neil Rankin makes the perfect Ringo Starr. His immaculate attention to detail, along with the thumping spirit that was The Beatles' rhythm section, recreates the distinctive sound of Ringo, and completes the world class lineup that is THE BEATELS.

Neil is a multi-talented man. & in his earlier days, he was even a high school English teacher, but he is definitely no stranger to world class tribute acts. During the 1990's, Neil was the drummer for one of the best tribute acts Australia has ever produced - The Australian Doors Show. In that group, he toured the world, playing to packed theatres throughout Europe and elsewhere. They even did their own "Doors" version of "A Stairway To Heaven" !

Neil joined THE BEATELS in 2002, and since then, has completed the world class lineup that we have today. He uses an authentic set of Ludwig drums, to recreate the look and sound of Ringo Starr. He also has an unnatural passion for the South Sydney Rabbitohs, & can also often be heard shouting "Go the bunnies"! Neil also writes and has recorded original music with the group Post. He also spreads his talents with other groups, including Cool Britannia & The Ian Francis Band.