The songs The Beatles wrote and gave away.

It's Four You

IT'S FOUR YOU was a CD recorded & released in 1994 by the Australian Beatles tribute group The Beatnix. It featured the performances of Steven Shipley, Bruce Coble, David Wood & John Taylor, the four musicians who would go on to become the founding members of THE BEATELS shortly after this album was recorded.

The idea for the album came from Australian music writer Glenn A Baker, and the album was originally released on Glenn's record label, Raven Records, in 1994. Glenn had seen the band perform, & knew what they were capable of, & so he approached them & asked if they would be interested in spending a few weeks in the studio recording and mixing 19 songs that Lennon & McCartney had written, but never released by The Beatles. Some tracks had never been recorded by The Beatles - they had been given to other NEMS artists such as PJ Proby, Cilla Black, & Peter & Gordon. Many tracks had gone to number one on the charts.

So in May 1994, the four musicians went into Sun Studios in Surry Hills (Sydney) with Mick Hamilton as producer and Pete "The Count" Contini (who owned the studio) as engineer. Much like an early Beatles album, they took one song at a time, working over an approach for arrangements, then laying down the band rhythm tracks, & finally laying down the vocals. They spent about 2 weeks recording the 19 tracks, then Mick spent another week mixing. The band were not happy with the mixes & went in and spent another week remixing the tracks with Pete Contini, & ended up with a balance that they were much happier with.

EMI Australia were very keen to release the album, but just when a deal was about to be signed, The Beatles announced that they were going to release the Anthology series, which included Beatle recordings (mostly demos) of some of the tracks on It's Four You.EMI London apparently sent word to EMI Australia to drop It's Four You or risk the wrath of The Beatles (& potentially lose the rights to Anthology). Glenn decided to release the album on his label, though he had no budget left for marketing (which he thought EMI were going to cover), so the CD was released with virtually no publicity. The Beatnix did perform I'm In Love live on The Midday Show around 1994, but it was not a commercial success.

It has, however, become a bootleggers classic. Over the years, it has been packaged throughout Asia as "The Beatles", & while on tour, THE BEATELS have managed to find plenty of copies for sale in strange packaging. We found it at the Singapore markets in Chinatown. We walked into the record shop across the road from our hotel in Saigon in 2005, & found a copy packaged as "The Beatles" in there. One of our friends purchased "The Beatles Capital Years" box set in Hong Kong, only to find that disc 4 in the obviously bootlegged box set was in fact It's Four You.

Since it's release, it has become a cult classic among Beatles fans, however the extensive bootlegging of the album has caused quite a bit of confusion as to who the real artists were, & how to find copies of it. Unfortunately, it is now out of print, making it a real collectors edition.

Sun Studios 1994

Bruce Coble, Steven Shipley & David Wood in Sun Studios with Mick Hamilton