Original music from THE BEATELS


THE DRUID DUDES have released their debut album, OPAL PLACE.

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OPAL PLACE is the first album by The Druid Dudes. It was completed just before Steven Shipley passed away in 2014. The CD was mastered at EMI Sydney using an original mastering desk from Abbey Road studios. The album artwork was created by Peter Gifford of UniversalHead. The album is named after Steven's studio where the music was recorded and where so much time ws spent over the years with our good friend. It took a bit of time before the rest of the group were comfortable with the business of releasing it. It was finally released in April 2017 through Left Brain Records, a new label founded by Bruce Coble to get the music of like-minded artists music out to wider audiences.

In April 2017, Coble, Phelan & Rankin decided it was time to take the songs of Opal Place to the stage. They enlisted the bass and vocal services of Glenn Wheatcroft - their new "Paul" from The Beatels - for their live shows. They also enlisted the services of Darren Richards on piano & Stan Holroyd on vintage organ to complete the lineup. The debut performance of THE DRUID DUDES took place in April 2017, and the group have plans to hit the road in 2017 with more live shows. Stay tuned to their facebook page at for more details.